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#dontforgetwhoyouare 😈💉🌙🌿
Happy 5th birthday tongue split ✨👅🐍 it my first big modification and was one of the most exciting and awesome experiences I ever had .. thanks @Theabsolute108 for making it possible! #mybodymod #sliceisnice #ifindoubtcutitoff #donttrythisathome for bookings 🔪
👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 @firehorse666elite trained me today. I can now kill a man in under 3seconds with nothing but my fists 👊✨ thanks papa!
Star and writing not by me! I added the flower of life and Japanese hemp pattern to Tilly’s arm . Thanks lovely ✨ @goodtimestattoo
#graceneutral 🌘🌒 @goodtimestattoo