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An oldie but a goodie 💞 #mandala #handpoked #GraceNeutral
Extended this mandala on Charlie’s hip/thigh last week.. Thanks babe you where so brave. X #handpoke
My little babes @anastasiapepsitasou and @hannahpixiesnow have asked me to be part of an exciting project there doing with a lil group of awesome babes too help make all YOU babes out there realise how fucking awesome you are! keep your pretty eyes peeled for all the feel goods coming soon 👯❤️✨👾🎶💞🔮 #spreadthelove
✨❤️💔❤️✨ #melt
Tie dye knee highs now available on my Etsy! Click the link in my bio 👆👆👆 🌊🔮💞💜 #GraceNeutral #tiedye #kneehighs this is just the first run if they do well then I’ll do more colour variations 😘
The new @prowlhouse INDIGO KIDS ISSUE is here! I was lucky enough to be asked to start writing for prowl, and my first article is out now.. If you would like to have a read please go to @prowlhouse @prowlhouse @prowlhouse and you can get your hands on a copy! 📰📖📚🎨👾🎶👯🔮💉💊💷💚🌊🍡😘
Only 7 daysssssa @hannahpixiesnow  💚🌊🍧🍹👯🔮💞✨ #muthhhhaaaafuckkkinholidayyyyyy
Princess Bubblegum for Princess Billie 💖 #adventuretime #princessbubblegum #GraceNeutral
Someone reported this so I’m putting it back up.. I have put censors over the nipples so i don’t understand how anyone is offended enough to report it! If you don’t like the human body or tattoos or people exploring there body with tattoos and modifications then PLEASE DONT FOLLOW ME and let me share my work with all the people who are genuinely interested! Thanks ❤️ #handpoked #GraceNeutral

Being a dork

Made a start on this this afternoon ✨ #handpoke @goodtimestattoo
Miss @deryntwelvetattoo looking like a super babe, rocking my mandala shirt and tie dye socks 💜 if you wanna get your hands on a shirt or any of my goodies please go to 💞🔥🔮
Got a beautiful jewellery care package from the awesome @lilacm00n thanks you so much for all the magical crystal 🔮✨ everyone go check out @lilacm00n for all the beautiful things 💜💞🔮✨🍧 #magicopals #GraceNeutral